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Telling Stories Through The Truth, and The Truth Through Stories

There is a story to be told in everything. Instead of spinning false or manufactured narratives to promote ideas or sell products, why not search for real ones that sing better than we ever could? From my time reporting local news in college and helping build narratives in PR, I've found nothing to be more important than finding human stories and utilizing them to convey a message. Behind everything is a person, a soul, and a heart that we can attach to and learn from. My goal is to find it. 

About Me

Neal Sweeney is an Account Coordinator in Berlin Rosen’s Tech & Innovation practice where he supports strategic communications and media relations for clients across urban innovation, smart cities and the future of work. Neal first joined BerlinRosen as an intern and prior to that was a freelance writer. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Marketing from Emerson College. When he’s not working, he’s often thinking about video games, taking walks outside, or photographing something


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