Berlin Rosen
Intern (Tech & Innovation)
January 2022- Present


Working with Berlin Rosen's Tech & Innovation Team to meet marketing and messaging objectives for a variety of clients in consumer tech, philanthropy, and other sectors. Produces research documents on reporters and potential clients, builds and maintains press lists, and offers other administrative help as required. 

Freelance & Contract Work


February 2021 - December 2021

Wrote press releases for digital marketing agency GR0 to assist clients in a variety of B2C industries. Copy is crafted with SEO in mind and designed to improve brand's rankings on Google. Clients are often industry leaders in environmental sustainability and social justice, advocating for better treatment of our planet and equality. 

Links to some of my work are available on the 'Article Examples' page.


Game Capture Artist
December 2020 - December 2021

Assisted the NA Creative team with the execution and capturing of video content for social media. This involves participating in remote capture settings held within PUBG, brainstorming ideas with peers, and offering knowledge about the game.

Beacon Hill Staffing Group

Beacon Hill Staffing Agency
Temp May 2019 - November 2020

Worked as a temp with the Beacon Hill Staffing Agency for several professional organizations in the Washington, D.C. area. 

  • International Food Policy Research Institute

    • HR Event Coordinator, 1 Month​

  • Great Minds

    • Assistant Office Manager, 3 Months

  • JBG Smith

    • Filing Assistant, 1 Month​

  • Cambridge Assosiates

    • Data Operations Associate, 2 Months​

  • Palladium International

    • File Assistant, 3 Months

Extra Curriculars


Emertainment Monthly

Executive Editor (Video Games) Dec '17 - May '19

Staff Editor (Video Games) Oct '17 - Dec '17

Functioned as the Executive Editor for Emertainment Monthly's video games section, an online web publication similar to Entertainment Weekly. Responsibilities include writing monthly articles such as news updates and reviews, as well as editing and publishing submitted articles, and assisting writers.

Emerson Esports

President Aug '18 - May '19

Secretary Sep '17 - Aug '18

Overwatch Co-Cordinator Jan '17 - Aug '18

Served as President for Emerson College Esports, the school's club working to further the field of communications in Esports and build an on-campus gaming community. The role involved assisting the club in all aspects, this includes offering feedback, communicating on public channels, graphic design, team coordination, internal communications and organization, attending external events, and hosting external events.

Metter Media

Intern - Summer 2018 

Worked with Metter Media as part of their Microsoft Project by keeping statistics, creating content, and working to build a following. Also included working in an office, contributing to group projects, and gaining a better understanding of social media and the ethos surrounding it.